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 We can design your special project and help you submit .

Submittals in construction management are shop drawings, material data, samples, and product data. Submittals are required primarily for the architect and engineer to verify that the correct products will be installed on the project.

This process also gives the architect and sub-consultants the opportunity to select colors, patterns, and types of material that were not chosen prior to completion of the construction drawings. This is not an occasion for the architect to select different materials than specified, but rather to clarify the selection within the quality level indicated in the specification and quantities shown on plans.

For materials requiring fabrication, the architect and engineer need to verify details furnished by the fabricator as well as the required quantities are met. The details from the fabricator reflect both material availability and production expediency.  

The contractor also uses this information in installation, using dimensions and installation data from the submittal. The construction documents, specifically the technical specifications, require the contractor to submit product data, samples, and shop drawings to the architect and engineer for approval. This is one of the first steps that is taken by the contractor after execution of the construction contract and issuance of the "Notice to Proceed".

The submittal process affects cost, quality, schedule, and project success. On large, commercial projects the submittal process can involve thousands of different materials, fabrications and equipment. Commercial buildings will often have complex pre-fabricated components. These include: elevators, windows, cabinets, air handling units, generators, appliances and cooling towers. These pieces of equipment often require close coordination to ensure that they receive the correct power, fuel, water and structural support. The submittal process gives another level of detail usually not included as part of the design documents.

An "approved" submittal authorizes quantity and quality of a material or an assembly to be released for fabrication and shipment. It ensures that the submittals have been properly vetted before final ordering. In essence, this is the final quality control mechanism before a product arrives on-site.

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